Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day For Hand Drawn Animation

*UPDATE:  Jeff Treves dropped by and left this comment below:

 "The festival was great! We are trying to make it even bigger for the next year. Here are some photos for those who are interested. " --
A Day For Hand-Drawn Animation Festival Photos


I enjoyed seeing the photos.  Jeff and some others may enjoy seeing this photo of Tahsin Özgür taken at Sheridan College in 1982 .  (not that long ago , right , Tash ?) 

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"As in previous years we at Anadolu University and Maltepe University are observing Nov. 18th, anniversary of the release of Steamboat Willie, as a day to celebrate traditional hand-drawn animation.  

This year our special theme will be Frank and Ollie, since Ollie Johnston passed away since our last celebration. Please join us in our celebration."

-Tahsin ("Tash") and Lale Özgür

My friend Tashin Özgür has reminded me that he and his wife Lale have started a tradition at Anadolu University and Maltepe University to observe November 18th (anniversary of the release of Steamboat Willie) as a day to specifically celebrate traditional hand-drawn animation. An excellent idea and one that I heartily endorse . Hopefully this will become an international movement among all who cherish the art of hand-drawn animation.

If you can't sit down to re-read "The Illusion of Life" this week, at least put in the DVD of the movie "Frank & Ollie" .
(but if you haven't read "The Illusion of Life" lately, make a point to pick it up again. I guarantee you that you'll find something new and exciting that you missed before ... at least that's how I have found it each time I've returned to this foundational tome).

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Anonymous said...

The festival was great! We are trying to make it even bigger for the next year. Here are some photos for those who are interested:

Anonymous said...

Sorry I made that ignorant statement about Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. It was wrong of me to assume that just becuase the show was about a real Japanese band, it was made overseas.

You have probaly actually met Mark Kausler and know more about his career in American animation than I do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Oppo,

No problem.

For all I knew you may have had inside info. about the show that I didn't know about, but when Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi premiered one of the big deals about it was that Renegade Animation was touting their own proprietary hybrid system of traditional 2D and Flash as the reason they were able to keep ALL the production on the show in the U.S.A.

Everything I knew about the show was that it was one of the few shows being made entirely in the U.S.A. Mark Kausler was a story artist and director on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi ,so your comment on John's blog didn't make sense to me .

Anyway, like I said, no big deal . In some ways it does look (on purpose) like an anime show produced in Japan, so not a big leap to assume that it was made in Japan . But I'm 99.9% sure it was all made in beautiful downtown Glendale, CA at Renegade.

And yes, I do know Mark Kausler, but come to think of it I've never actually talked to him about his work on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Thanks for dropping by.


Jeffparadox said...

Here is a small clip from the `Day for Hand Drawn Animation` in Istanbul...