Monday, January 31, 2011

Animation Guild oral history interviews with Animators

Dan Haskett
Steve Hulett, who is the Business Agent of The Animation Guild (IATSE Local 839), is conducting a series of interviews which makes for some fascinating listening.  Download these interviews to your iPod and enjoy listening to this vibrant oral history project with some of the best animators in the biz:

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So far they have about a dozen interviews posted online, with more promised . Interviewees include Mark Kausler , Dan Haskett , Tom Sito,  Kathy Zielinski, Bruce Smith, Mark Kirkland, Brian McEntee , Tim Walker , Robert Alvarez , Ed Gombert , and Rubin Aquino. If you're from my generation in animation you recognize all of these names immediately (I've worked with over half of these folks) . Some of you younger people may not immediately recognize all of these names , but just go search for them on and you'll read a very impressive credit list.

I'm looking forward to hearing more in this series of interviews.

Kyler Spears animation reel

This animation is by a high-school student,  Kyler Spears.  He's applied to Cal-Arts and I would expect he'll get accepted there. Very nice to see someone so young turning out such polished work.