Sunday, August 3, 2014

Inbetweening for Traditional Hand Drawn Animation

INBETWEENING is an essential skill .  Good inbetweens make the animation flow smoothly , but bad inbetweens can kill a scene.

Here is a playlist of 7 videos I've found on YouTube which cover how to do inbetweening . 
A lot of the so called "tutorials" on inbetweening found on YouTube are actually pretty bad , but these tutorials are good ones . The first six cover inbetweening . The seventh tutorial , titled "Animation Drawing Clean-up", is more of a "digital inking" tutorial , since it doesn't really cover cleaning-up sequential animation drawings (dealing with issues of maintaining consistency of volume and line weight from drawing to drawing) , but it's a good tutorial on how to approach cleaning-up a rough drawing .

The fifth video in the playlist is an excerpt from a longer DVD tutorial by Scott Petersen.   I'd recommend purchasing the full set of DVD lessons from Scott -!animation--drawing-training-dvds/c6he

For those of you using the program TVPaint Animation here's a print tutorial I put together on inbetweening in TVPaint :

Inbetweening in TVPaint (click link to view)

The Animation Meat site has a good tutorial called "10 Steps To A Perfect Inbetween".

Also see this tutorial called "Clean Up Hints" .



Sarah Lynne Reul said...

So useful - thanks for compiling these resources, David!

Joshua Taback said...

Thanks for spreading the word David!

David said...

Joshua - THANK YOU for the excellent tutorials.


Unknown said...

These are great! I always love tutorials; they help me become a better artist.

Velma said...

great... Lovely tutorial,,,

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