Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Drawing everywhere ..."

“Paperman” director John Kahrs talks about the importance of DRAWING in the CG age.

I'm excited about this film and hats off to John Kahrs and everyone else at Disney who is pushing CG animation in a new direction (combining CG with hand-drawn) but I guess what I'm still sort of scratching my head about is : if Disney wants to retain the look and appeal of hand-drawn animation , then why not just DO Hand-Drawn Animation ?  Am I missing something ?   Seems to me what has really hurt the advancement of hand-drawn animation lately is not the technique , but the the subject matter .



David McBride said...

A lot of the big budget feature films are starting to look the same to me. Wreck-it-Ralph feels like Despicable Me and Brave had a been there seen that kind of feel to it. Things aren't looking much better with MOnsters 2 and Nemo 2. Maybe if they keep getting poor responses someone will work up the courage to try hand drawn again.

Jinny Hinkle said...

Oh man, those pencil tests they show from Peter Pan are great! I'm excited to see Paperman when it hits theatres with Wreck-It-Ralph. It'll be interesting to see what they did with it.

David Nethery said...

Oh, yeah, aren't those Peter Pan pencil tests really amazing to see ?! I love 'em.

You've probably seen it, but just in case check out Andreas Deja's blog for his latest post which has pencil tests of Peter Pan , from the section where Peter and Wendy first meet and she's trying to sow his shadow on.



Anup Prasad said...

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David Nethery said...

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Christoph Siemens said...

I'm working on the second season of The Amazing World of Gumball right now (in the 2D department) and what I like most about the visual side of the show is how unapologetically mixes stylised 3D, realistic 3D and digitally drawn animation.

While this may not be the general solution to the question of how 2D and 3D can mesh best, I think it's kind of ballsy to mix the two graphically different media in such a way. I actually prefer that sort of blunt approach to trying to make both media blend seamlessly in the same project - usually the visual qualities of both lose in that process.

Matt said...

Got the chance to see Paperman in the theater this weekend. Truly fantastic! What an amazing way to bridge the look of hand drawn animation with CG. I think what really made this for me was the simple story. That coupled with the hand drawn look really drew (no pun intended) into the story even more. Had this been purely CG I don't it would have worked the same.

Great stuff, congrats on pulling this off!

Maria Beck said...

Really like your sketches. I m looking for your Animation and graphics design work. Great Stuff!!