Sunday, April 19, 2009

Classic Milt Kahl pencil test

I could watch these pencil tests for hours .  (I wish Disney would release special pencil test editions on the "extras" sections of the DVD's .)  

Mowgli trying to climb the tree , animated by Milt Kahl.

From Disney's "The Jungle Book". 

(found via Alan Cook, via Victor Ens)


Matthew Long said...

If you go to the Vimeo page for the video and log in (free registration), you can download the source file which is a .mov and frame-by-frame. It's for that reason I use vimeo over other video sharing sites.

David Childers said...

Thank you so much for the heads up! This is such a Gem!!


David said...

Thanks, Matthew . I didn't realize that about Vimeo.

I really appreciate it .

Being able to step through it frame by frame is really helpful to analyze it.

Anonymous said...