Thursday, July 17, 2008

Master Rough Animation Drawings

The always interesting blog of animator/director Michael Sporn is featuring some great screen grabs, storyboards, and rough animation drawings from the Disney feature "Sleeping Beauty" .

Michael's blog is a daily stop for me and if it's not in your bookmarks it probably should be.

This coincides with Danish animator/director/Disney historian Hans Perk's posting of the sequence and scene drafts from Sleeping Beauty. Hans's blog is another must-read for me. The scene drafts are studio documents which give a scene-by-scene breakdown of the films and shows who animated which scenes. This is fascinating behind-the-scenes material.

These great roughs and much more inspiring artwork is currently on Michael Sporn's site. Check it out.

(click any image to see it larger)

King Stefan rough animation drawing by John Lounsbery:

The unnamed comedy-relief "Lackey" character , rough animation drawing by John Sibley :

Another great rough animation drawing by John Lounsbery, this one of King Hubert :

A sample of a Disney scene draft . Many more like this on Hans Perk's invaluable blog :

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