Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ken Duncan - Jane rough animation from "Tarzan"

Good example of how an animator approaches a scene in the first rough pass, then tie-down pass before turning the scene over to the Clean-Up dept.

This animation is by Ken Duncan who was the supervising animator on Jane in Disney's "Tarzan" .

(click on the links to see the scenes. I could not embed the movies here)

Ken Duncan First Rough Pass


Quoc Phan said...

Hi David

Thank you for posting these videos. So much info and it was exactly what i was looking for.

I was wondering. After the Rough Pass is shot and timed out like it is. Will those keys be shifted during the Tie Down stage?



Zoolon said...

as an animator, this is some really good reference material! thanks for sharing!

Rodney Baker said...

Absolutely wonderful! (Hehe... not too many movies that dialog would fit with)