Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Secret of Kells - official U.S. trailer

The Secret of Kells official U.S. release trailer.

This film has been released in Ireland and in Europe, and has played a limited Oscar-qualifying run in a few theaters in the U.S., but has not yet been widely released . But it looks like it is on track now to get a proper theatrical release in the United States.

(the Oscar nomination for "Best Animated Feature Film" helped, I think !)

I'm hoping to see this and Sylvain Chomet's (Triplets of Belleville) new feature film "The Illusionist" soon.


animation programs said...

This is is my favorite among all Best Animated Feature. First of all it is absolutely gorgeous, it is very well animated, and has a good story. I really hope it wins.

David McBride said...

Finally, I have been wondering when this was getting a US release.
Thanks for posting.

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