Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chinese master traditional animator Te Wei 1915 -2010

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"The master of Chinese animation, Te Wei (Sheng Tewei), has passed away at age 95.

Te Wei, a pioneering animator and cartoonist, was one of the founding fathers of the Shanghai Animation Studio. His most significant film of the 1950s was 'The Conceited General' .

In the 1960s his animation style was influenced by the painter Qi Baishi. His 1963 film , 'The Cowherd’s Flute' (Part 1 below), and his masterpiece 'Feeling from Mountain and Water' (1988) are two of the most beautiful animated films from China - or anywhere"

(watch the films full-screen)


David McBride said...

These are amazing. The backgrounds remind me of woodblock prints. I know that is Japanese but in any case these films are very enchanting.

Thanks for posting.

2d and 3d animations said...

Enchanting films. Awesome backgrounds....