Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making-Of "The Princess & the Frog" - A Frogumentary

Behind the scenes interviews with some of the artists who made "The Princess & the Frog" .

Here are two parts of the "frog-umentary" featuring Lead Animator Eric Goldberg , and Lead Key Clean-Up artist Marshall Toomey.


Click through to YouTube to watch the other parts of the documentary.


David McBride said...

This was great! I love to see the artists at work.

Thanks for posting.

Omar said...

Awesome! I love this stuff, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Me too, watching this in action makes it so informative..i just wish the camera guy got closer to marshall's hand drawing! the lines clean up can pull out look effortless.


character modelling services said...

Really great! I love to see the artists at work.