Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tom pencil test (Tom & Jerry)

I haven't posted a classic pencil test in a while.  Here for your inspiration is a scene from Hanna Barbera's  MGM Tom & Jerry cartoons. Not sure which of the regular T & J animators did this scene :  Irv Spence, Ed Barge, Ken Muse, Ray Patterson. (or another ?)   Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The animation was done by Ken Muse. In my opinion, he drew the definitive Tom! Thanks for posting. I have some of the original pencils for this..nice to see them moving.

2d and 3d animations said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Liimlsan said...

He has Ken Muse's signature pointy ears, posey action, good third dimension, and three bulbs.

I will admit, the lips fooled me for a second into thinking it was patterson.