Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pups of Liberty - a new animated film by Bert & Jennifer Klein

Directed by Bert and Jennifer Klein, copyright Picnic Productions 2009.

This new animated film looks absolutely charming. "Pups of Liberty" is a 15 min. animated film directed by Bert and Jennifer Klein. The story of the 'Boston Teabone Party' told with cats and dogs. Beautiful 2D hand drawn animation.

(and check out the full crew list : http://www.pupsofliberty.com/FullCrewCredits.html . Quite the impressive pedigree this film has !)


*UPDATE: There is now an interview about the making-of "Pups of Liberty" with the directors Jennifer & Bert Klein on Michael Sporn's blog. Check it out :


Many nice stills from the film are posted and Michael mentioned that in his next blog post tomorrow he will be posting some pre-production artwork from the film that the Klein's sent to him for the interview.


David McBride said...

Beautifully done. This looks amazing. Thanks for posting.

Nubian Greene said...

looks very stylish,simple..I like it!

2d and 3d animations said...

Whar a great style!
Thanks for sharing!!