Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rune Bennicke - Koda's Mom Pencil Test

Rough animation of the character "Koda's Mom" from BROTHER BEAR , animated by Rune Bennicke.
(looped three times for your viewing pleasure) .


David McBride said...

Wow this looks great. There is so much detail. Are all of those interior lines meant to show the fur or the construction of the form?

David Nethery said...

It was meant to show the construction of the forms under the fur, as well as the fur animation .

As it turns out we ended up putting in a lot of detail on this character that isn't really seen because they colored her very dark , but I'd like to think that the audience "feels" the detail there .

The finished cleaned-up version I did is here:

DNethery Portfolio Page . The first scene on the Brother Bear reel.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Rune is good ! I also love his straight ahead tests that are on youtube. Simply a joy to watch his work.
I hope to get the chance to work with him some day.


Anonymous said...

One small thing though,
drawings 32 and 34 are in the wrong order.

David Nethery said...


Thank you for catching that mistake. I had two different versions of this . The other one I caught the mistake (32 and 34 in the wrong order) but apparently I did not rename the file correctly because I uploaded the WRONG one last night ! DOH !

I will find the corrected file and reupload it to Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Rune is superb! And to have to follow up this rough work must of been daunting especially that nose and inside of the mouth. There is something about her facial expressions that catches me, very subtle and real it's like watching a documentary. Please post more! Did you have to prepare any detailed models of her face?


angie said...

Straight up, this character has to be one of the best designed and animated. Would be great to see some cu art or models of her.


David Nethery said...

Hi, Angela,

I'll have to dig up the other clean-up model sheets , but I did post a couple of clean-up sheets I did here:

Koda's Mom Clean-Up reel.


angie said...

Hi David
I'm curious about how the cu process worked with you..out of all the rough drawings, how many on average would a key artist have to clean-up? Do scenes comprise of more keys than breakdowns or inbetweens? Are all the roughs in this clip of Koda's mom the drawings you would clean or would some be assigned to some other cu level?


Anonymous said...