Saturday, July 4, 2009

Badger Pencil Test - Fox & the Hound by Glen Keane ?

I've had photocopies of this scene from The Fox & The Hound for years. I've finally decided to scan them and make a proper pencil test of the scene so it can be shared. The person who gave the copies of the drawings to me said that Glen Keane animated this scene, but I'm not 100% certain about that because it didn't come with an X-sheet or a copy of the original scene folder. Could be Glen's ... If anyone has the draft from the film and can positively ID who animated this scene I'd appreciate it.


David McBride said...
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David McBride said...

Sorry I can't help you figure out who animated this scene, but I love seeing these magnificent pencil tests. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Looks almost to tight to be Glen Keane's Pencil-test. Buz still it's a nice test. Thanks for sharing this with us, David.


David Nethery said...


That's what I thought , which is why I'm not sure the xerox copies I have of this scene are correct (the copies I have say "Glen Keane" on them) . It's really not typical of Glen's drawing style , so I am not convinced that it's Glen. (although over the years I have seen drawings of Glen's that are "tighter" than we usually see in his drawings, i.e. the drawings that are typically with a much heavier, rougher line.) If I find out for sure I'll post the name.

Anonymous said...

It looks like John Pomeroy's drawings. He worked on the picture along with Don Bluth and Gary Goldman for a while before leaving Disney to start their own studio.

Liimlsan said...

I thought this looked like a member of the Bluth Group. It moves almost exactly like some of 'NIMH''s animation by Pomeroy of the Great Owl - the same fluid head, the same drag on the features, the same angle to the little bristles.

Who the hell said it was Glen Keane? The studio really must have had some rough times if this is how they label it.

I'm always wondered what Gary Goldman did on this film...hrm.
Fox and the Hound is one of my personal favorites because you can see the animation styles, oftentimes in full conflict with each other. The ultimate crossroad.
(I'm wondering who did the Fiedler porcupine from the same scene..)