Monday, May 18, 2009

Abe Levitow Notes on Animating

Animation drawing by Abe Levitow :

Mark Mayerson has posted a set of Notes on Animating by the master Warner Bros. animator Abe Levitow.

Click through the link to read the notes:

Notes on Animating by Abe Levitow

The last paragraph of Levitow's notes resonates now more than ever given the current precarious position of hand-drawn animation:

"Even though the Disney animator Marc Davis has said:  'Animation is an anachronism; it is that rarity, a handmade product in a mechanized age', the satisfaction gained from doing it well is the kind of satisfaction that can only be gotten by creating something with your own hands that no one has ever done before.  It's a sublime feeling ... you'll see !!"

Abe Levitow animation drawing :

(these great drawings are from the Abe Levitow webpage. Go there to see more of Abe's drawings.)


Sherm said...

Hi David -- thanks for the heads-up on these fantastic notes! Gold, I tell ya...GOLD!

Daniel said...

I was wondering if you had seen this:

Might be good for your studiostuff blog.

David Nethery said...

Daniel - Thanks for the link !

Tim said...

I love that Porky scene. I can hear him singing now...

She's the flower of Gower Gulch
A cowpuncher's sweetheart true
And her looks don't amount to much
"Cause one of her eyes is blue

She's got skin just like prairie dog leather
She cooks nothing but chuck wagon stew
Her name is Minerva Ulch
She's the flower of Gower Gulch

Zaff said...