Saturday, May 9, 2009

New "Princess & The Frog" trailer

First "official" trailer for Disney's new hand-drawn animated feature "The Princess & The Frog" ---

High Quality Quicktime .mov version of trailer

Looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to later this year :

August - Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea

December - The Princess & The Frog

Yay !


The Loud One said...

Wo-hoo! That looked like it had some of their 'old flair' to it. I have to say, previously I was a bit worried about this one: but if it's anything like the trailer suggest its going to be a brilliantly fun film!

Anonymous said...

This movie looks amazing and I honestly can't wait any longer!! I hope it satisfies all hopes and is very successful. Is it completed yet?


David Nethery said...

"Is it completed yet?"-----


It's still in heavy production to get it completed by end of the summer / early fall for release date in December '09.