Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"L'Illusionniste" an animated film by Sylvain Chomet

Last year I made several posts about Sylvain Chomet's new animated feature , The Illlusionist  ("L'Illusionniste") .    
Time to mention it again. 

Now that the film has received an Academy Award nomination as "Best Animated Feature Film"  and is in a somewhat wider release pattern I wanted to post the release schedule from Sony Classics.   Here is where the film is currently playing or will be opening soon:


If the film is playing in your city or close-by I highly recommend you see this sumptuously animated film.  Especially if classical hand-drawn animation is something you are passionate about then you  owe it to yourself to see and support this beautiful, poignant film on the big screen.

Here is the North American Trailer -

(I suggest that you switch the video settings to HD , watch full-screen).  

 Here is some artwork from the film:
Production Drawings & Backgrounds from The Illusionist

Pencil Tests from The Illusionist

Excellent review of the film by Mark Mayerson:
"The Illusionist" a review by Mark Mayerson

Roger Ebert's review:
"The Illusionist"  reviewed by Roger Ebert


The North American (Sony Classics) website for the film:

The French (Pathé) website for the film :
Sylvain Chomet at the animation table -


David McBride said...

I just found out it is playing at a Ritz theater not too far in Philadelphia. Thanks for posting. Any news if Disney is releasing The Borrower Arrietty?

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i went to see it and it was really great, i highly recommend it to all of you.

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