Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Run Hamster Run!" - New Hand Drawn Animated iPhone Game

(story via CartoonBrew)

Character Concept art © Erin Humston.

Animation students pay attention:

Here's an inspiring example of an independent animator, Erin Humston, developing and selling his own work directly through the iTunes Store . I hope this is the sort of thing that many of our present day students will be thinking of doing (i.e. developing their OWN original properties) rather than just thinking their only option is "I'll graduate from school and then just go to work for Big X_______ corporate studio". Nothing wrong with that and it's a good way to learn the ropes in the business, but while you're paying your dues toiling away at Big Studio X always be working on developing your own ideas and characters , and thinking of ways to market your work so that it benefits you directly. (something that will support you , not just put more money into the coffers of Big Studio X.)

© Erin Humston.

No one knows for sure where hand drawn animation is headed - but one outlet seems to be thriving: mobile video games.

Here’s another for the list of intriguing new 2d-cartoon iPhone games: Run Hamster Run.

Erin Humiston did all the artwork and animation, and produced the game with a handful of people in Orlando, Florida. The animation is all hand-drawn.

It’s now available at the iTunes store. Here’s a sample:


Omar said...

haha wow that's awesome, I can play annnd enjoy some skillful full animation.
i'll definately be picking that up

FleaCircusDirector said...

That's excellent, reminds me of the rescuers

Anonymous said...

just have to know a programmer huh?

Erin Humiston said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing my game on your blog, man! I really appreciate it.

-Erin Humiston

Ron said...

That's great! I hope there's a lot more of that sort of thing in the near future.

aurelija said...

Funny hamster:) I totaly agree with you that young artists have to search for their own style and not just to wait for the job offers. I also think that art and animation as well is one of the greatest spheres for searching and FINDING yourself.

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That is really awesome. I can play annnd enjoy some skillful full animation...
Thanks for sharing!!!!

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