Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Disney's The Princess and the Frog - Dec. 11 - Go see it !

(lead animator Bruce Smith, animating on
The Princess & the Frog)

It's been 6 years since Disney has released a hand-drawn animated film. Going into wide-release this Friday, Dec. 11 - The Princess and the Frog.

The time to go see this film is opening weekend , Friday Dec. 11 or Sat. Dec. 12 would count the most, through Sunday Dec. 13 is fine too .

The opening weekend box-office numbers will count for a lot as to whether Disney's return to hand-drawn animation is perceived as a hit . (and hand-drawn animation could use a genuine, revival-inducing, Little Mermaid-like hit right about now).

So far the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Let's hope the general movie-going public agrees.

Time Magazine rates the Top 10 Movies of 2009. Look what film they rate at #1. ---

The Princess and the Frog

“Musker and Clements have bucked the odds and made a cartoon feature that is true to vintage Disney traditions (like wishing upon a star) yet moves with a contemporary verve and bounce. In an amazing year for animation, The Princess and the Frog is up at the top. “

-Richard Corliss, for Time Magazine


David McBride said...

Can't wait. I hear the public already talking about it. The atmosphere feels like it is going to be big.

Chris Palmer said...

I noticed that Little Mermaid didn't make too much money opening weekend. Princess and the Frog can build up it's audience over the next few weeks like Mermaid did.

It was great to see 2d on the big screen again...

David Nethery said...


I hope so.

I think the movie can hold strong through the holidays.

The opening weekend was probably a lot softer than the Disney Co. would have preferred, but for a "slow" movie weekend it wasn't bad (and the picture was No. 1 at the box-office that opening weekend) .

Things have changed a lot since the Little Mermaid days. The expectations weren't as high then. I remember how we had this huge party at the studio with champagne when The Little Mermaid hit the $50 million mark at the box-office -- that was just so incredible then -- and of course it went on to do even better before it closed out it's first theatrical run.

Here's hoping that The Princess and the Frog is the first of many new hand-drawn movies.