Wednesday, July 28, 2010

British Animated Ads of the 80's

YouTube has a number of animated commercials by Richard Williams, Oscar Grillo, Richard Purdum, Eric Goldberg, and other luminaries of the British animation scene.

Also check out Garret Gilchrist's The Thief Archive channel on YouTube for more British commercials from the 70's and 80's.

Klacto Animation (Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley) "Sinatra 20 Golden Greats" advert -

Klacto Animation (Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley) "Heinz Baked Beans Lighthouse" ad.
Designed and directed by Oscar Grillo, Animated by Eric Goldberg, Backgrounds by Neil Cambell Ross.

Pizazz Pictures (Eric Goldberg) "Rolos" animated by Eric Goldberg -

Richard Willliams Animation . "Jovan Sex Appeal" ad , animated by Richard Williams, BGs by Rebecca Mills.

Richard Williams Animation. "Listerine" ad , animated (I think) by Russell Hall -

Richard Williams Animation . "Limara Perfume" ad. Not sure who animated. Maybe Eric Goldberg? -

Passion Pictures . "Cadbury Creme Eggs" advert. Animated by Chuck Gammage. -

Richard Purdum Animation . "Tate Gallery Liverpool - Modern Art" . Animated by Richard Purdum -


Omar said...

Awesome post!
I wish there was more of that today.

Mark Mayerson said...

It really was a golden age. Not only were the design and animation great, the quality of the concepts and writing in British advertising was way better than the ads in North America.

Daniel Caylor said...

Fantastic stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

Michael Sporn said...

If you come across the vodka ads that Roland B. Wilson designed, I would love seeing those again. They were both brilliant little gems, particularly the first one. They were so popular at the time, and for some reason they seem rare today.

spokeshave said...

I remember working on the Purdum, Tate Gallery ad. It was all done by hand, even a small section was trace from the live action onto punched canvas boards and painted with oils and the only way to judge them acurately from first to last, was to line them up because they couldn't be flipped.
The only piece of tech used was a paint program, called Harry at the post editing company.

Anonymous said...

@Michael Sporn - I think the Vodka ads are on one of the Williams reels posted on The Thief Archive's YouTube Channel.

David Nethery said...

"Awesome post!
I wish there was more of that today."

Omar: I agree , I wish there were fully animated ads like these being made today I get the impression that with shrinking advertising revenues on broadcast television that the budgets just aren't there anymore to support this level of quality.

R. McCord said...

Fantastic! Thanks for posting. Advertisers need to look at these and realize that 2D animation should be as relevant today as it was back in the 70's. I think that 3D has a hard time capturing the charm and character of ads like the "Sinatra" and "Listerine" ads.

David McBride said...

Great commercials!! My favorite is Klacto Animation's Sinatra commercial. I cracked up at every different animal that popped up. The mouth shapes on the hippos and rhinos are priceless.

Also, Richard Williams Limara Perfume was a nice twist on the Sleeping Beauty idea.

Michael Sporn said...

Unfortunately the Pushkin Vodka Ads aren't there, either.