Saturday, June 19, 2010

Palm Springs International ShortFest signal film by MAKE

Via CartoonBrew.

Minneapolis-based studio MAKE created this animated signal film for the forthcoming Palm Springs International ShortFest. Beautiful design and animation , with a well-crafted story told with very economical cutting in under a minute. (students take note) ---


MAKE Producer:
Danny Robashkin

Director/Lead Animator:
Andrew Chesworth

Animation Production Team:
Justin Weber
Aaron Quist
Alec Mueller
Jordan Hill
Ben Bury
Niklas Norman
Joe Kim

John Olive
Elise Langer
Nicholas Mrozinski

Steve Horner - Horner Music


Here's another piece by MAKE. A very timely PSA . And again , great animation and design all the way around , aside from the very timely message:


David McBride said...

Wow, great stuff. Love the design. Its always great to see how rich of a story can be told in such a short time.

The living oil spill in the second short reminds me of the 90s film Ferngully the last rainforest.

Thanks for posting.

The Pod Child said...

Oh wow.

I honestly don't know what to comment on first, the strong message or the gorgeous animation.

This film really strikes a cord.

And I also thought of Ferngully while watching this.

R. McCord said...

Wonderful animation in both pieces. The evil life that the oil took on in the second film and the way it was animated was powerful.

Flipbook said...

Hey! wonderful animation.really i like it.and a good talent. Your post is so good. thanks to sharing with us.